let your

wee skelfs (and crafty teens!)

run wild!

School holidays can be tricky times, juggling child care with the knowledge that your wee one just wants to run around in the fresh air. We might just have the answer!


Our Wee Skelfs holiday clubs are designed to let kids play in the woods and explore their natural surroundings. Our club is a little different than you might expect. We believe in letting our Skelfs run free in our woodlands - within a defined area - and find their own ways to have fun. They might choose to play in the Ewok village, make something in the workshop, or simply run riot in the mud. Why? Because it encourages them to use their imaginations, assess risk, and solve problems. This helps in all areas of childhood development. And, most of all, it's great fun!

The research also shows that being out in nature is great for everyone's mental health, and we all need a good dose of mental wellbeing at the moment!

Our leaders bring experience in the full range of bushcraft activities, arts and crafts, and are on hand to make sure your kids are safe. The club is child-led, meaning that we don't pre-plan what each day will look like, but our leaders are there to provide inspiration and lead activities, if the kids want to do something more structured.

Our club runs from 9.30am - 4.30pm, weekdays throughout the school holidays. Wee Skelfs is for kids aged between 6 & 12, whilst Crafty Teens is for bigger Skelfs, aged 13 to 18.

Skelfs Summer 2020
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If you can't make it along to the club, check out our new Wee Skelfs Activity Packs. They're aimed at our core age group – 6 to 12 – but younger kids can enjoy them, too, with help from the their Big Skelfs!

Crafty teens

Crafty Teens is our new holiday club aimed at your older Skelfs who still want to come out to the woods. These Crafty Teens will work on wood-based craft projects with our leaders in the morning and can then choose to either explore the site or carry on with their crafting. In the spirit and tradition of Wee Skelfs, we're expecting our Crafty Teens to come full of ideas and ready to use their imaginations.