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Green Aspirations
Creative and fun in the woodlands!

Green Aspirations Scotland was established as a Community Interest Company in 2013. This means that we are a social enterprise aiming to provide benefit to the community rather than to make a profit. 


We work with different groups of people – community groups, young adults, school pupils, kids and crafters – to develop traditional green woodworking skills, create an appreciation of the woodlands, and encourage sustainable and healthy environments. We aim to support people to care for their environment and themselves.


Our aims

We aim to support people to care for their environment and themselves, by:


  • Enhancing and conserving woodland for biodiversity, the local community and future generations

  • Delivering workshops in traditional and rural skills

  • Working with vulnerable groups to raise aspirations within the green sector, with a focus on young people who have struggled with traditional schooling

  • Creating economic activity from local woodlands

  • Providing a consultancy service to community groups to improve green space and woodlands

  • Offering weekly volunteer days for people to benefit from the exercise while conserving our woodland and learning new skills.



With qualifications in both gardening and arboriculture to his name, Paul is a skilled worker and trainer with twenty years’ hands-on experience across a range of sectors.  As a founder and director of woodland groups, Paul combines his knowledge of rural practices with his interest in social wellbeing to help build stronger, more connected communities.


Never comfortable without a project on hand and a tool with which to shape it, Paul’s practical nature and love of the outdoors continuously drives his workshops in creative new directions.  He aims to continue passing on traditional woodland green woodworking skills to anyone in earshot, inspiring and empowering the next generation of Scottish forestry workers.

When he’s not working in the woods, Paul can be found tweeting, crafting or listening to music – never very far away from trees. 

Paul whittling his wand
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