We're passionate about managing all types of woodlands, especially those that give us a link to the past. Coppicing is one of the oldest methods of woodland management, incorporating the technique of repeatedly felling trees at the base to encourage regrowth. Stems are cut on different rotations, depending on the species and what the wood is being used for. Using coppicing as a management method brings many benefits, including quicker growth, longer tree life and increased biodiversity. And - of course - it provides a great sustainable source of wood. 

What we do

We've been working to restore an old hazel coppice site in South Lanarkshire for the past six years. The coppice is based on a seven-year rotation, so it's nearly back to full management. 

We're always on the lookout for new sites to restore, so if you know of one, or need some training to manage your own coppice, get in touch!

What we do with it

Traditional uses for coppiced wood include bean poles, baskets, fences and hurdles. We use it for firewood on our site, as well as charcoal to sell in local stockists. But most of all we love it for the sticks. Big sticks, small sticks, tall sticks, short sticks, wonky sticks, straight sticks, anything in between sticks! Incredibly versatile, we've used sticks for everything from whittled wands to building structures. 

So if you want to find out more about coppicing or simply need some sticks, get in touch today.

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