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The number of the beast

As a Community Interest Company, we have to report our activity each year, sharing how many people we've interacted with and the social benefit we've delivered. It's a great exercise, reminding us about what we've done. And we thought it was time to share some of those numbers with you. Now, talking to Paul about numbers is often not the easiest of conversations. His ideas were:

* 6 years of operation - yes, we had our 6th anniversary on 14th February this year

* 6000+ FaceBook likes - thanks peeps!

* 6 (at least) ideas bubbling around at any one time.

If the number of the beast isn't your thing, then here's some other numbers that might just be.

Come and join us!

Since March 2018, we've been busy delivering activities to get as many people as we can into the woodlands, to reconnect with nature, learn new skills and make new social connections. In total, we've had 2470 attendances at our events, from Wee Skelfs to working with community organisations. The pie chart below shows the breakdown across our activities:

Activity 2018

As a social enterprise, it's important to us that our time is spent working on projects that benefit the community, so we're delighted that this is reflected in the number of people we've worked with. And support from clients who attend our workshops, book birthday parties or send their kids to Wee Skelfs means that we can continue to deliver our social aims.

So, it's a massive thank you to everyone who's helped us over this last year and since 2013. Here's to the next 6!

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