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A view of the Hoolie, from our wonderful volunteers

The Great Scottish Spoon Hoolie is an annual green spoon carving festival set-up and ran by Green Aspirations Scotland. Every year the Hoolie welcomes a growing, vibrant community from around the world. But it's not just about spoons! We also host workshops with specialist trainers in detail carving, forging and more. You can find out details about this crafty, family-friendly weekend festival here at We hope to see you there, carvers!

Another year, another Hoolie! As we start planning the detail with only five months left until the big event, two of our regular volunteers share their experiences of being a part of our unique community.

Anna Wynne

"I got involved with my first Hoolie event 3 years ago, by turning up and mucking in without really knowing anybody else there! I just heard about it on the web and thought it sounded great as I carve spoons in Scotland, and I could offer First Aid support.

There is not one best thing about the Hoolie, there are loads of best things! It is super welcoming, relaxed, friendly and in a beautiful location. Jo, Paul and the other organisers put their heart and soul into making it happen, and you can feel and see that in every detail of the event. The Hoolie has gone from strength to strength in terms of international reputation and drawing fantastic spooners from all over the place. It’s totally geeky about spoons and woodcraft as you might expect, but also has loads of silliness, a fairy dragon, great food and campfire loveliness.

People should come to hang out with and learn from some of the very best spoon carvers, side by side with a supportive environment for total beginners. A very lovely and relaxed event in the woods."

Jen Ancliffe-lister

"I got involved with Green Aspirations because my husband was going along every month to the jam spoon sessions and I thought it be something we could do together. I also love being outside hugging the trees, so I started coming along.

I love being a part of the Hoolie crew, meeting people from all over the world and also people closer to home. Running the stall is what I do best! It's more like a wild weekend in the woods than being just a volunteer! I'm not a carver but I love to watch how the trainers work with newbies and develop a passion for crafting! And it's amazing seeing how talented people are, and the different wood products they make and sell.

People should to the Hoolie come because it's something different and it's great for many reasons: your physical and mental health, your creative side, being outdoors, meeting new people, and trying your hand at something new that could turn into a new hobby or passion. Also you can take an amazing spoon, bowl or plate away with you from one of the amazing carvers on the stall!

To see the joy of the makers and buyer faces at the stalls makes it great to be a part of something amazing. It's like they've won the lottery! Everyone gets to meet people they maybe wouldn't usually cross paths with because we're all the same at the Hoolie."

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