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New kid on the block

After a busy few weeks, we're delighted to announce the appointment of our new apprentice. We're hosting the three-year apprenticeship under the Bill Hogarth Memorial Apprentice Trust scheme. It's a fantastic opportunity to learn about coppicing, woodland management, and woodland crafts, with a focus on developing the skills and expertise needed to start your own business.

Iain on the shavehorse!
Iain coppicing

Iain Paterson – who some of you will know from Skelfs, the Spoon Hoolie and more – is the successful appointee. On hearing the news, Iain said, "Having the opportunity to work & learn in the woods is a dream come true. The icing on the cake is being able to to share this with others & bring more people round the fire."

The apprenticeship isn't just great for Iain. For Green Aspirations, it means the opportunity to build capacity and do more of what we've set out to achieve. We'll be able to work with more people, in more woods, and do lots more making. And we'll be spending more time in the coppice, managing the woodlands for now and the future.

Iain is making a prompt start, joining us this week. And we're all very excited! Watch this space to find out more about our new volunteer scheme, the launch of Spoon Hoolie tickets, and our programme of workshops for the new year!

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