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Join us for a day at our off-grid site in rurual Stirlingshire and you'll be immersed in an entirely new world - one that's a real contrast to your day-to-day environment. We'll work hard, and we'll work together, in new and challenging ways. By the end of your time here, you'll feel physically tired. You'll also feel a real sense of accomplishment about what you've achieved, as well as emotionally revived, motivated, and ready to take on any challenge!

What do the workshops look like?

Our basic packages includes a whole day on site and is based around one simple challenge: How many things can you and your team make from one tree?

We'll start by chopping down a tree. Once felled, we'll look at how to process the wood in different ways, to make small items that you can take home with you, including spatulas, chopsticks, wands, and more. You'll get hands on with different kinds of axes and knives, learning new skills and developing a new appreciation for sharp edges! 


Throughout each stage, our expert trainers will teach you how to understand both the wood and the tools you'll be using. You'll find out how trees have been used throughout the ages, as well as lots of great stories about life in the woodlands.

You'll be responsible for keeping the fire burning and the kettle boiling, and will work together to create a hearty lunch over the campfire. As as experts with wood, our leaders are also trained in outdoor food hygiene.

Spending the day in a woodlands setting is good the mind and the body. You'll be using a range of muscles as you put the tools the use, and you'll be able to relax and de-stress as you breath in clean air. That sense of wellbeing will be shared across your team, helping you to work more closely together, enhancing communication and encouraging creativity.

We can adapt the day package for a half day sessions, and can include different types of green woodworking to meet your needs. 

Booking details

Prices for our full day, off-grid sessions start from £75 per person, which includes all tools and materials, and ingredients for lunch. Tea, coffee and biscuits are also included. 


For a half-day session, prices start from £45 per person. This includes tools and materials, tea, coffee and biscuits.

Book your adventure by emailing We'll be delighted to chat through any specific requests you have.

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