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Are you looking for new ways to bring your team together? Do you want to leave your desks behind and head out for a truly wild adventure? Then get off-grid and join us in our beautiful woodlands for your next team training event. 


A wild adventure

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adventure at your desk

Why go wild in the woods?

We've created workshop sessions can help your team grow. Our expert trainers are passionate about keeping practical, traditional skills and techniques alive, and want to share that passion with you. We've worked with managers, volunteers and teams in different settings and from organisations ranging from global sales to the NHS. All have valued the opportunities to learn new skills in an entirely new setting. Practical benefits include: ​

Improving communications, including listening to and valuing other opinions

Challenging and disrupting familiar patterns, be that team dynamics or ways of thinking

New approaches to identifying and managing risks, including taking personal responsiblity

Building collaboration: the team will work together to solve practical problems

Enhancing the wellbeing of your staff, reducing stress and anxiety

Creating a sense of collective and individual accomplishment, so your team leaves feeling motivated and ready to take on the world!

What you need to know...

What does it involve?

Our corporate sessions can be one of our standard packages, or a package created just for you. All sessions will involve green woodworking and sharp tools, like axes and knives.

What should we bring?

You don't really need to bring anything with you, other than an open mind, the willingness to join in, and the ability to ignore the mud!

What facilities are there?

We have a shelter to keep dry, and a campfire to keep warm. There are two composting toilets near to the shelter. We are off-grid.

How long will it last?

Our sessions at our rural site run for half a day or a whole day. Sessions at your HQ can be between one and three hours. If you need something different, just let us know!

Do we need any experience?

No. We don't expect any green woodworking experience. Our trainers can work with groups of all abilities, and will cover the basics in detail.

Is is accessible?

Our paths are uneven so they could be a challenge for anyone with additional mobility needs. We'd be happy to chat through specific requirements.

What will we learn?

We're passionate about sharing our knowledge of traditional, practical skills. You'll learn how to use green woodworking tools safely and effectively.

What about food and drink?

Campfire cooking is part of the day, so you'll be working together to prepare your food. And we always have the kettle boiling. Cake is also on hand.

What happens if we get a cut?

Our workshop leaders are trained first aiders, so can help with minor injuries on site, and know what to do with more major cuts.

What should we wear?

If you come to our site, then you'll need to dress for the Scottish weather, so prepare for sun, rain, wind or cold. Sturdy footwear and warm layers are recommended.

Is it safe?

We take your safety seriously. We will be using very sharp tools, but will help you build your confidence so you know how best to avoid the risks.

Will we have fun?

Absolutely! This is a truly immersive experience in a unique setting. Our workshops are supportive, informative, and lots of fun for all.

Booking details

Prices for our full day, off-grid sessions start from £75 per person, and from £25 per person per hour for a mini-adventure in your office (minimum of 6 people).

To book your adventure, or find out more, please email

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