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What a year 2020 has been - and we're only half way through! We know that it's been difficult to find things to keep the wee ones occupied and to find new ways to get outside and enjoy the natural world. And that's why we developed our new Wee Skelfs Activity Packs for 6-12 year olds!


Each pack is full of fun, traditional arts and crafts projects that you and your wee one can get stuck into. Along with number puzzles, stories and games, the pack provides a great source of entertainment and learning.

We've designed six different packs, each including one main make, an art activity, a craft, a game, number puzzles, tree ID, paper craft and a story. Your order also provides access to online resources, which help you work through the contents. 

We've cut all the wood ourselves from a nearby coppice which we've brought back into management, and the clay is sourced from a local potter. 

Our packs are not just fun - they help with learning, too! 

We've designed the activities with the Curriculum for Excellence in mind. Each pack contains a combination of tasks that reflect the focus on literacy, numeracy and health & wellbeing, helping your Wee Skelfs to become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors. 

We've developed a more detailed overview of the links between our packs and the experiences and outcomes for a range of curriculum areas.

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Activity Pack: Puppet making

Make your own Puppet

This pack contains the materials you need to make your own wood puppet, just like Hazel - our Wee Skelfs mascot. As well as the main make, the pack includes making a house for your puppet, wood skittles, space for drawing a puppet adventure, number puzzles, papercraft, tree ID, and a story. 

Mini picnic bench

Mini picnic bench

If you've ever wanted to see a squirrel at a picnic bench, this pack is for you! You'll get all the materials  you need to make a mini picnic bench. The game is mini kubbs, a fantastic and competitive game from Sweden. As well as these activities, the pack includes the usual art and craft activities (making a garden in the box), tree ID, number puzzles, a story and papercraft.

Clay play

Clay Play!

This pack is all about playing with clay, which we've sourced from a local potter. What animals and wildlife can you make with clay? You'll also get your own mini set of Nine Men's Morris, along with jokes, a story, number puzzles, papercraft and the materials you need to make your own Dragon's Eye. You can also access online resources for more fun!

Wood cookies

Wood cookies and wool

Do you know how much you can do with wood cookies and wool? This pack gives you some great ideas, from cookie weaving to Nordic slinging and more! You can make your own necklace, decorate your own game of pairs and find out what Hazel is up to this week. As always, there are number puzzles and papercrafts to keep you busy.

Make your own planter

Make your own planter

We're going back to the earth with this main make, your very own wooden planter to grow your very own plant. The packs also contains the usual papercraft, number puzzles, game, story and arts and crafts ideas. 

Wee Skelfs Hazel

Frames and easels

A picture can paint a thousand words, so why not use this easel to create a work of art, and then frame it in a wooden frame you've made yourself? Hazel continues her adventures, and you can enjoy the game, puzzles and tree ID.