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GrAsp will be at the following:

Fintry FRESh Saturday 3rd May 2014

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Wood for All Event Saturday 17th May 2014
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Eden Festival 13th -15th June 2014
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West End Festival Wilton St Saturday 14th June 2014
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Solas Festival 20th- 22nd June 2014
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Queen Margaret Drive Festival Opal Moon Saturday 28th & 29th June
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Transition Stirling Wood for All
We work closely with
Wood for All, a project funded by the Climate Challenge Fund to increase woodland management skills in Stirlingshire. Workshops have included: Family Bushcraft; Intro to Green Woodworking; Wood fuel talks; Coppice Management- all to make Stirlingshire's woodland more productive and sustainable.

Westmuir High School

Bullseye Project

Adventure Centre for Education

Team building- Making swords with green wood :-)

Community Woodland Association
In 2012, we ran workshops for the
CWA: Charcoal Making; Coppice Management; Intro to Green Woodworking and Woodland Management for community woodlands.

Killearn Woodland Cemetery Group
We were asked to make Oak benches to sit within the beautiful dry stane dyke walls. The benches were installed by our pupils from Westmuir High School who appreciated the opportunity to help out the community.

Westmuir High School in Glasgow are working very hard to gain their Duke Of Edinburgh Bronze award. 4th Years are coming along every week to build paths, remove invasive species and plant trees. For the Skills element, they will be creating wooden items in green woodworking & campfire cooking.

festival stall

Blane Valley Allotments
Funded by CCF and LEADER, this project has required multi funding management; identification of site and then lease negotiation; extensive community consultation including fun events and open surgeries; planning application process (and success), building capacity of the allotment group; issuing tenders for site works; skills development and delivery of project on the ground.
community allotments

If you have a desire to find land and create allotments, please contact us.
Glencairn Park, Ayr
Green Aspirations Scotland and Mike Hyatt Landscape Architects have been awarded the contract by South Ayrshire Council to deliver the community consultation for the re-design of Glencairn Park. We held a stall at the fun event on Sunday 1st April to gather opinions from all residents through surveys. Just as important we had a fun activity for the children where they cut out their favourite pictures of parks and pasted them onto a plan of the park. On Wednesday 11th April there was a walkabout to explore design options which Mike Hyatt has translated into 3 designs to be chosen by the community.

'Green Aspirations were a joy to work with – leading on consultation over a new park in Ayr, they stimulated great interest and many ideas among the local community. Their detailed report outlined the community’s suggestions and this helped to support new park designs for further local consultation.' David Burns, Acting Manager (Strategic Service Planning)

community consultation

Sustainable Killearn
Funded by CCF, Killearn wish to become more sustainable by improving their message carried to the community. Green Aspirations Scotland are delivering sustainable events; identifying better communication tools between community groups and build capacity. A new notice board will be placed in the village passing on tips on how to lower the carbon footprint.

St Charles Primary School
The children, parents and teachers of St Charles are desperate to grow there own food! In order to do this a substantial amount of rhododendron had to be cleared. Green Aspirations Scotland has helped them on their way and watch this space for future developments! 


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